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Arista Networks

Arista Networks


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List of projects

Project Description Last activity
cvprac None 2022-12-01
eos-external-tools None 2022-12-01
cloudvision-python Python resources and libraries for integrating with Arista’s CloudVision platform 2022-11-30
ansible-avd Ansible Arista Validated Design 2022-11-29
cloudvision-python-actions Example Python action scripts for integrating with Change Controls in Arista’s CloudVision platform 2022-11-29
arista-ceoslab-operator K8s operator for managing meshnet-networked cEOS-lab instances 2022-11-28
dinetd Dynamic Internet Daemon: dispatch incoming connections to an arbitrary command 2022-11-22
goarista Fairly general building blocks used in Arista Go code and open-sourced for the benefit of all. 2022-11-21
bst A one-stop shop for process isolation 2022-11-21
goeapi Go library for Arista’s eAPI command API implementation 2022-11-20
netdevops-examples Examples of using DevOps tools with Arista EOS and CloudVision 2022-11-18
cloudvision-apis gRPC APIs for integrating with Arista’s CloudVision platform 2022-11-17
nix-serve-ng A drop-in replacement for nix-serve that is faster and more reliable 2022-11-17
cloudvision-go Go resources and libraries for integrating with Arista’s CloudVision platform 2022-11-09
cloudvision Resources and documentation for Arista’s CloudVision platform 2022-11-09
ctypegen Generate ctypes boilerplate code from debugging information; Use python to mock C code for testing 2022-11-09
ansible-cvp Ansible modules for Arista CloudVision 2022-11-02
emissary open source Kubernetes-native API gateway for microservices built on the Envoy Proxy 2022-10-26
EosSdk EOS SDK - write native apps for your Arista switch 2022-10-17
hbase-k8s-operator Kubernetes operator for HBase 2022-10-17
CloudVisionPortal-Examples A collection of CloudVision Portal examples and best practices 2022-10-16
clickhouse-go Golang driver for ClickHouse 2022-09-27
gomap Golang hash map with user provided hash and equal functions 2022-09-09
eos-eapi-rust None 2022-08-30
eoscentral Code examples associated with EOS Central articles. 2022-08-29
atd-public None 2022-08-25
kafkacat Generic command line non-JVM Apache Kafka producer and consumer 2022-08-12
j2lint Jinja2 Linter CLI 2022-08-01
aajith-test-repo aajith-test-repo 2022-07-19
grpc-web gRPC Web implementation for Golang and TypeScript 2022-07-15
js-browser-headers Compatibility Layer for the Headers class 2022-07-05
go-fips Repository for FIPS enabled Go using OpenSSL 2022-06-23
cloudvision-ztpaas-utils Utilities for ZTP as a Service with CloudVision 2022-06-02
NETNOD_FPGA_NTP_SERVER A FPGA implementation of the NTP and NTS protocols 2022-05-29
arista-onie-installer ONIE installer for Arista’s EOS 2022-05-10
cloudvision-frontend-config JavaScript, TypeScript and Eslint configuration for CloudVision frontend libraries. 2022-05-10
eos-deployment-guide-configs Configs from EOS Deployment Guides 2022-05-06
ansible-community None 2022-04-29
FPGA_as_a_Service None 2022-04-22
glog2glog None 2022-04-04
gopacket Provides packet processing capabilities for Go 2022-03-24
DirectFlowAssist None 2022-03-11
go-cvprac None 2022-02-21
fsnotify File system notifications for Go. 2022-02-18
glog Leveled execution logs for Go 2022-02-15
gitiles A simple browser for Git repositories. 2022-01-12
dex OpenID Connect (OIDC) identity and OAuth 2.0 provider with pluggable connectors 2021-12-20
CloudEOS None 2021-12-15
kne None 2021-11-12
jenkins_exporter Prometheus Metrics exporter for Jenkins 2021-10-29
jansson C library for encoding, decoding and manipulating JSON data 2021-10-21
eos_boot_loader None 2021-10-21
bess BESS: Berkeley Extensible Software Switch 2021-10-21
gnmi gRPC Network Management Interface 2021-10-06
grpctunnel A TCP-over-gRPC Tunnel 2021-06-01
hdfs A native go client for HDFS 2021-04-13
EosSdk-cross-compiler A cross-compiler to compile EosSdk applications so they are sure to be binary compatible with the EOS target 2021-03-05
ansible-eos Ansible modules for Arista Network’s EOS 2021-02-20
influxdb-python Python client for InfluxDB 2021-02-20
arcomm A command-line utility and library for communicating with Aristas 2020-12-08
goyang YANG parser and compiler to produce Go language objects 2020-12-08
oc-pyang OpenConfig plugins for the pyang validator 2020-11-19
go-oidc A Go OpenID Connect client. 2020-10-14
dpdkcap DPDK-based packet capture tool 2020-09-03
chef-eos Chef cookbook for Arista EOS. 2020-09-03
dom The Digital Optical Monitor script will periodically poll the optical power levels of each interface on a switch and generate syslog events when the transmit (Tx) or Receive (Rx) power levels change beyond the threshold. Optionally, SNMP v2c traps or v3 informs may be generated, as well. 2020-07-21
metron Apache Metron 2020-06-18
bashbrew Canonical build tool for the official images 2020-05-27
Arista-Rancid RANCID driver script for Arista Networks devices 2020-05-25
devpi Python PyPi staging server and packaging, testing, release tool 2020-01-29
build [mirror] Continuous build and release infrastructure 2020-01-28
go-diff Diff, match and patch text in Go 2019-12-20
goxpath An XPath 1.0 implementation written in the Go programming language. 2019-11-15
fmp Federated Management Plane 2019-09-20
devstack oneiric powered development environment for openstack 2019-04-19
docker-logstash Container for logstash with input from the kafka feed from Arista’s OpenConfig client 2019-03-27
clerk Clerk is an open-source IPFIX generator using for packet sniffing 2019-02-25
capirca Multi-platform ACL generation system 2019-02-23
httpbin HTTP Request & Response Service, written in Python + Flask. 2019-02-12
clock Clock is a small library for mocking time in Go. 2019-01-31
fpm Effing package management! Build packages for multiple platforms (deb, rpm, etc) with great ease and sanity. 2019-01-04
cloudformation None 2018-11-19
ipmitool An open-source tool for controlling IPMI-enabled systems 2018-09-20
kapacitor Open source framework for processing, monitoring, and alerting on time series data 2018-01-22
neutron Quantum is a virtual network service for Openstack, and a part of Netstack. 2017-12-31
mock GoMock is a mocking framework for the Go programming language. 2017-11-21
ninja a small build system with a focus on speed 2017-08-30
net-snmp Arista Networks’ net-snmp patches 2017-08-01
gocql Package gocql implements a fast and robust Cassandra client for the Go programming language. 2017-07-17
cvprac-rb Ruby REST API Client for CloudVision Portal 2017-03-14
godep dependency tool for go 2016-07-28
ci-tools Tools for continuous integration with Gerrit / Jenkins 2016-03-24
bindist Tool to help build half-source half-binary distributions of Go code 2015-10-04
horizon Horizon is a Django-based project aimed at providing a complete OpenStack Dashboard along with an extensible framework for building new dashboards from reusable components. 2014-08-08
ceilometer None 2014-07-31
gerrit-trigger-plugin None 2014-07-15
jsonrpclib A Python JSON-RPC over HTTP that mirrors xmlrpclib syntax. 2014-04-24
arista-ovs-testing None 2014-01-26
arista-ovs-quantum None 2013-10-24
libpcap the LIBpcap interface to various kernel packet capture mechanism 2013-02-09

Last update: June 30, 2022