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Arista Netdevops Community

Arista Netdevops Community


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List of projects

Project Description Last activity
anta What do you call an ant with frogs legs? 2023-07-21
arista_eos_automation_with_ncclient ncclient examples with Arista EOS 2023-07-21
avd-extended-workshop None 2023-07-19
avd-all-in-one-container AVD container with Ansible AVD and CVP collections installed 2023-07-17
avd-cEOS-Lab A repository with playbooks to implement basic EVPN/VXLAN Fabric using Arista AVD and cEOS-Lab 2023-07-13
ansible-cvp-avd-toi A repository with lab content to run TOI for ansible, AVD and Cloudvision collections 2023-07-13
cvp-snmp-container CVP Cluster monitoring via SNMP 2023-07-11
cvp-space-recovery Tool to free space from CVP servers 2023-06-28
automation-training-ansible Training labs to bootstrap from python knowledge -> API interaction with Arista devices -> Ansible -> AVD 2023-06-28
avd-quickstart-containerlab None 2023-06-16
rhs-eda Repository to demonstrate Ansible EDA at RedHat Summit 2023-06-09
cgig None 2023-06-03
avd-mpls-example Example repository for Arista AVD mpls-vpn design 2023-05-28
ansible-webinar-february-2020 Ansible Arista Validated Design (AVD) demo from ansible webinar in Feb 2020 2023-05-22
atd-avd Arista Test Drive + Ansible AVD Examples 2023-05-11
kvm-lab-for-network-engineers cheatsheet explaining how to build vEOS lab based on KVM 2023-05-03
CloudVisionPortal-Examples This repository is a collection of examples and best practices for CloudVision® Portal. 2023-04-26
action-molecule-avd Github Action to leverage Ansible Molecule in AVD 2023-04-24
runam-avd A collection of Python modules to extend Ansible AVD collection 2023-04-24
arista_eos_automation_with_eAPI This repo has examples of Arista EOS automation using eAPI. This includes devices configuration and devices states validation 2023-04-17
eos-scripts Collection of EOS scripts 2023-04-17
ansible-avd-cloudvision-demo A demo to run Arista Validated Design with CloudVision deployment - From Powerup to EVPN Fabric 2023-04-12
arista_eos_streaming_telemetry_with_gnmi_and_telegraf Stream OpenConfig telemetry and native telemetry from Arista EOS devices to Telegraf. Store collected data in influxDB. Query influxDB with CLI and python. 2023-04-01
atd-cicd Example of leveraging the Arista Test Drive to learn about CI/CD concepts. 2023-03-22
emea-ambassadors-containerlab-aug-2022 EMEA Ambassadors: ContainerLab session, Aug 2022 2023-03-21
cvaas-migration Migrate CVP on-prem to CloudVision-as-a-Service 2023-03-06
cvp-tac-check-bugchecks Bugchecks for cvp-tac-check 2023-03-02
excel-to-avd Excel on-boarding script for ansible-avd 2023-02-26
Arista_Cabling_Check This software allows checking some parameters and create some MAPs. 2023-02-08
avd-cookiecutter None 2023-01-27
Ansible-Event-Driven-Automation-Examples Examples of using Ansible EDA with Arista EOS and CloudVision 2023-01-21
openconfig-peering OpenConfig Peering Example 2022-12-24
gNOI_demo_with_Arista gNOI demo with Arista 2022-12-20
CVP-ServiceNow-Import Simple example to import CVP or CVaaS devices into a ServiceNow instance. 2022-12-14
ceos_lab_demo cEOS lab demo 2022-11-11
gnoi-prometheus-exporter Prometheus exporter for gNOI services. 2022-10-29
avd-with-ansible-tower-awx How to integrate AVD with Ansible AWX and Tower 2022-10-19
gnmi_demo_with_arista_eos How to interact with Arista EOS devices using gNMI. How to use pyang and pyangbind. 2022-10-08
docker-avd-base Docker image to run all AVD activities 2022-10-03
cloudvision-automation This repository has Arista Networks CloudVision automation examples 2022-09-12
Telegraf-Cloudvision-Telemetry Telegraf integration to CloudVision for streaming telemetry of CloudVision devices 2022-09-08
docker-avd-vscode VScode container to speed up AVD on-boarding 2022-08-22
cvp-kvm-deployer Automated builder for a CVP VM upon a KVM hypervisor for ‘non-standard’ specs (like smaller hdd) 2022-08-11
arista_eos_automation_with_ansible This project has some Ansible playbooks to interact with Arista EOS. 2022-07-20
restconf_demo_with_arista RESTCONF examples with Arista 2022-06-23
cvp-to-influx Go based tool to extract openconfig telemetry out of cvp and into influx. 2022-06-07
cvp-events-pubsub None 2022-05-23
avd-install Repo to expose AVD install script 2022-03-28
demo-avd-compose-k8s A demo to automate AVD exection with docker-compose and Kubernetes 2022-03-23
cvp-monitoring Monitor CVP cluster using Prometheus and Grafana 2022-03-15
automation_and_telemetry_demo Network automation and telemetry demo with EOS devices 2022-03-13
salt_eos_automation SaltStack content for Arista EOS 2022-01-09
guardicore-temp-container None 2022-01-07
ipspace-webinar-september15-2020 Content for ipSpace webinar 2021-12-03
cvp-in-gcp Templates to launch fully functional CVP clusters in GCP. 2021-11-29
cvp-ansible-provisioning Terraform + ansible module to provision CVP on servers, with a particular focus on cloud deployments. 2021-11-26
saltstack-hello-world SaltStack hello world with Arista devices 2021-07-10
cvp-in-aws Templates to launch CVP clusters in AWS 2021-07-09
avd-evpn-webinar-june-11 Arista Technology Series: Designing and Deploying EVPN VxLAN Networks - Arista Ansible AVD automation 2021-06-06
nornir-snapshot None 2021-04-01
atd-irb-diff Basic configs to demo the difference between IRB models using ATD network topology 2021-02-25
runAM None 2021-01-26
eos-snmp-extension-vlan-counters Provides an example of how to extend net-snmp to expose hardware counters for vlans 2021-01-21
cvp-multicast-auto-reconcile None 2021-01-11
ansible-cvp-toi Content for ansible-cvp Transfert of Information 2020-10-12

Last update: June 30, 2022