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Module cloudvision-connector



ACTIVE_CODE: 3001 = 3001

Status code for Active (when a subscription has been created and is active).

ALL_DATASET_TYPES: string[] = ...
APP_DATASET_TYPE: "app" = 'app'
CLOSE: "close" = 'close'
CONFIG_DATASET_TYPE: "config" = 'config'
CONNECTED: "connected" = 'connected'
DEVICE_DATASET_TYPE: "device" = 'device'
DISCONNECTED: "disconnected" = 'disconnected'
EOF: "EOF" = 'EOF'
EOF_CODE: 1001 = 1001

Status code for EOF (End Of File).

GET: "get" = 'get'
GET_AND_SUBSCRIBE: "getAndSubscribe" = 'getAndSubscribe'
GET_DATASETS: "getDatasets" = 'getDatasets'
GET_REQUEST_COMPLETED: "GetRequest" = 'GetRequest'
NeatTypes: { Bool: typeof Bool; Float32: typeof Float32; Float64: typeof Float64; Int: typeof Int; Nil: typeof Nil; Pointer: typeof Pointer; Str: typeof Str; Wildcard: typeof Wildcard }

Type declaration

PUBLISH: "publish" = 'publish'
SEARCH: "alpha/search" = 'alpha/search'
SEARCH_SUBSCRIBE: "alpha/searchSubscribe" = 'alpha/searchSubscribe'
SERVICE_REQUEST: "serviceRequest" = 'serviceRequest'
SUBSCRIBE: "subscribe" = 'subscribe'


  • createBaseType(value: unknown): BaseType
  • Parameters

    • value: unknown

    Returns BaseType

  • fromBinaryKey(keyString: string, useJSBI?: boolean): unknown
  • Returns the decoded value of a given base64, NEAT encoded string


    • keyString: string

      base64, NEAT encoded value.

    • useJSBI: boolean = true

    Returns unknown

  • isJsbi(value: unknown): value is default
  • Check if a value looks like a JSBI value.


    • value: unknown

    Returns value is default

  • isNeatType(value: unknown): boolean
  • Parameters

    • value: unknown

    Returns boolean

  • sanitizeOptions(options: Options): ExplicitOptions
  • Returns sanitized version of [[Options]]. It does a number of things:

    • If a timestamp is passed as a millisecond timestamp, it will be converted to microseconds.
    • If start, end and versions are invalid, the value for the option will be set as undefined


    • options: Options

      a map of all unsanitized connector [[Options]]

    Returns ExplicitOptions

    a map of all [[Options]] with their sanitized values

  • toBinaryKey(key: unknown): string