Delete deletes a resource and returns the time the delete became effective.

The Key field is required to be fully-specified because Delete needs to identify exactly-one resource to delete.

RPC Definition

The protobuf definition of GetOne is defined as such (for ExampleConfig):

rpc Delete (ExampleConfigDeleteRequest) returns (ExampleConfigDeleteResponse);

Request Type

The generated request for a model (ExampleConfig, here) looks like so:

message ExampleConfigDeleteRequest {
  // Key indicates which ExampleConfig instance to remove.
  // This field must always be set.
  ExampleKey key = 1;

Response Type

The generated response for a model (ExampleConfig, here) looks like so:

message ExampleConfigDeleteResponse {
  // Key echoes back the key of the deleted ExampleConfig instance.
  ExampleKey key = 1;

  // Time indicates the (UTC) timestamp at which the system recognizes the
  // deletion. The only guarantees made about this timestamp are:
  //    - it is after the time the request was received
  //    - a time-ranged query with StartTime==DeletedAt will not include this instance.
  google.protobuf.Timestamp time = 2;